Small towns have their own kind of life. Often towns are centered around a town square or gathering place. North Texas is no stranger to this type of central area in their towns, especially Denton. I grew up in a small town in Illinois, population around 20,000, so I am drawn more to the small town-ness of Denton than that of the metroplex of Dallas, even though I lived there for many years.  My vision for this project was to portray the lifeblood of these small towns, which to me center around the town squares. The architectural features are what give the square it’s foundation. The businesses and activities conducted around the square provide life and support, drawing visitors and shoppers from all around the area. At pretty much any given time there is some type of gathering taking place at the square. My intent is to capture several different towns in the close proximity of Denton, providing a variety in structures and activities that do indeed portray the life surrounding the town square.